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In the month of November 2016, San Francisco celebrates the hundredth anniversary of the emergence of Dada, the influential artistic and literary movement that originated in the earlier part of the 20th century. Dada stood out for its attacks on bourgeois sensibilities, its challenge to the hierarchies of gallery and museum culture, and its questioning of the purpose of art and the role of the artist in society. Dadaists attacked the norms of traditional art production and crafted a radical agenda that took to task not only the traditional canon of European art but of Dada itself.

Through lectures, roundtables, performances, film screenings, and art installations, the Dada World Fair will be exploring the multiple dimensions of an art movement that defied description in its day and that left an indelible influence on the world of art, pop culture, and beyond.

Dada World Fair is produced by City Lights Booksellers in conjunction with numerous local and international partners. The celebration in San Francisco is happening concurrently with celebrations around the world. The largest of these celebrations took place in Zurich, Switzerland in February of 2016. San Francisco and Zurich share a sister-city status. City Lights is please to be working together with the Cultural Services of the Swiss Consulate and Swissnex in the development of the program.  

Events will take place all around San Francisco. Keep a close eye on the calendar. Dada World Fair is a work in progress. The schedule will change according to the weather. Events that appear solid may be more fluid and events that appear fluid may be more solid. The borders between art and life will once again be tested. We may never be able to fully explain what Dada is, but you may be able to experience the mystery in all of its incendiary magnificence.



“Dada is 'nothing'.”

-Marcel Duchamp



“Dada is 'nothing'.”

-Marcel Duchamp




“Dada belongs to everybody”

-Tristan Tzara


“Dada belongs to everybody”

-Tristan Tzara

Who is to blame?


Dada World Fair has been produced by City Lights Booksellers & Publishers

Cosponsored by Basic Books, Calarts, Canessa Gallery, Contemporary Jewish Museum, Catharine Clark Gallery, Cultural Services of the Consulate General of Switzerland in San Francisco, dada bar, Goethe Institut San Francisco, Cultural Services of the Consulate General of France in San Francisco, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Mayflower Hotel, Mechanics' Institute Library, The MIT Press, Molotov Editions, Pataphysical Studios, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco Collage Museum, San Francisco Sea Scouts, Swissnex, Three Rooms Press, and Weinstein Gallery

Executive Producer: Peter Maravelis

Advisory Board: Andrei Codrescu, Roger Conover, Mel Gordon, Paul Yamazaki, Frederick Young

Archival Consultants: Irene Dogmatic, Ginny Lloyd

Basic Books Sponsorship: Lara Heimert

Calarts Sponsorship: Jacqueline Bobak, Herb Alpert School of Music, David Rosenboom

Catharine Clark Gallery Production:  Catharine Clark, Anton Stuebner

City Lights Logistical Support: Ivy Anderson, Chris Carosi, Cassie Duggan, Erin Messer

Contemporary Jewish Museum Production: Gravity Goldberg, Natalia Miller

Cultural Services of the Consul General of Switzerland in San Francisco: Martin Schwartz

Dada Haus Production: Ivy Anderson, Devon Angus

Excre-mental Interventions: Andrei Codrescu and Janaki Ranpura

Goethe Institut Production: Sigrid Savelsberg, Sabine Erlenwein, Jale Yoldas

International Order of Odd Fellows Liason: Peter Sellars

Maintenant Production: Peter Carlaftes, Kat George

Mechanics' Institute Library Production: Laura Shepard, Pam Troy

The MIT Press Liason: Roger Conover

Molotov Editions: Gillian Conoley, Domenic Stansberry

Odd Fellows Event Production: Peter Maravelis, Peter Sellars

Pataphysical Studios Production: Doctor Canard, Professor Fabio, Dr. Figurine, Professor Really, Dr. Rindbrain, Zack Stewart

San Francisco Art Institute Production: Nicole Archer, Benjamin Ashlock, Katie Hood Morgan, Hesse McGraw

San Francisco Cacaphony: Big Daddy Tim Anderson, Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez, Katy Bell, Ariana Campellone, Eddie Codel, Whitney Deatherage, joshu a. deLeon, Laura M. S. deLeon, Phoenix Firestarter, Frog Gilmore, Rose Harden, Ed Holmes, Albert Kong, KrOB, John Law, Devin “Devo” Lozano, Peter Menchini & Maya Media, Loid Mongoloid, Gio Mordukhovich, Doc Pop, Jarico Reese, Dr. Hal Robins, Paige Saez , Dominic Santiago, Akshay Sawhnay, Jason “Sly” Sylvester, Rena Tom, Jason Wilson, Shalaco Wordsmith, Irene Zhou, and a special thanks to three underground and nameless San Francisco places where weird things happen….

San Francisco Public Library Exhibits: Penelope Houston

San Francisco Sea Scout Base: Dennis Lindemann (Skipper), Tamara Sokolov

Swissnex Production: Mary Ellyn Johnson, Sophie Lamparter

Dada @ Sea Project: Linus Lancaster and Fredrick Young

Special thanks to the following for their invaluable support : Robert Mailer Anderson, Ivy Anderson, Devon Angus, Andrew Bellows, Jack Boulware, Jane Brown, Chris Carosi,  Scott Cavallo, Catharine Clark, Janet Clyde, Gillian Conoley, Roger Conover, Susan Donnelly, Emperor Norton, Foppiano Winery (, Howard Gutstadt, The Healdsburg High School Governance Council, Matthew Heckert, Lara Heimert, Penelope Houston, Glenn Howe, Leslie Jobson, Elaine Katzenberger, Chris Kraus, Arthur Kroker, Linus Lancaster, John Law,  Leonardo, Ralph Lewin, Stacey Lewis, Dennis Lindemann,  Julie Lindow, Kent Long, Allison Lovejoy, Mr. Lucky (aka Pierre Merkl), M3 Integrated Services (, Chris Maravelis, The Mayflower Hotel, Eddie Muller, Patricia Nelson, Adrian Notz,  Brian Osborn, San Francisco Maritime Park Association (Boat Building Education Program), David Rosenboom, Martin Schwartz, Peter Sellars, Laura Shepard, Captain Rob Smith, Mitch Soekland, Tamara Sokolov, Kalman Spelletich, Domenic Stansberry, Juri Steiner, Zack Stewart, Mark Van Proyen, The Welding Shop Healdsburg (, Paul Yamazaki, and Frederick Young. We could not have pulled this off without you!

Dada World Fair Participants:

Will Alexander

Big Daddy Tim Anderson

Ivy Anderson

Devon Angus

Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez

Micah Ballard

Katy Bell

Alan Bernheimer

Jacqueline Bobak

Mark Calkins

Ariana Campellone

Garrett Caples

Peter Carlaftes

Luciano Chessa

Anna Cholinska

DJ Kent Clelland

Eddie Codel

Andrei Codrescu

Tom Comitta

Gillian Conoley

Roger Conover

Conspiracy of Beards

Sofia Cordova

Scott Davis III

Whitney Deatherage

Cara Rose DeFabio

joshu a. deLeon

Laura M. S. deLeon

Doctor Canard

Professor Fabio

Dr. Figurine

Professor Really

Dr. Rindbrain

Paul Dorn

Carmina Escobar

Tongo Eisen-Martin

Tav Falco

Phoenix Firestarter

Jack Foley

Kat Georges

Kim Gill

Frog Gilmore

Mel Gordon

Daphne Gottlieb

Adolph Gurkenhofer

Thomas Haakenson

Emily Hage

Rose Harden

Davenzane Hayes

John Heartfield

Matt Heckert

Daryl Henline

Chinaka Hodge

Ed Holmes

John Hundt

Hazy Loper

Andrew Joron

Pat Kadyk

Florian Kaplick

Kevin Killian

David King

Kingdom of Not

Albert Kong


Linus Lancaster

John Law


Jon Longhi

Helen Wendy Loo

Devin “Devo” Lozano

Richard Loranger

Chris Love

Allison Lovejoy


Maria Makela


Loid Mongoloid

Gio Mordukhovich

Amy X. Neuburg

Jim Nisbet

Adrian Notz

Ted Nugget and the Shamboy Pukes

Pataphysical Studios

Jenny O’Dell

Stoo Odom

Doc Pop

Janaki Ranpura

Jed Rasula

Jarico Reese

Jesse Roadkill

Dr. Hal Robins

Jerome Rothenberg

Paige Saez

San Francisco Cacophony

Dominic Santiago

Moe! Staiano

Akshay Sawhnay

Bruno Schlatter

Kit Schluter

Secret Alley

Jenny B Shady Lady

The Slow Poisoner

Mason Jairo Olaya-Smith

Winston Smith

Kal Spelletich

Dominic Stansberry

Juri Steiner

Adrian Sudhalter

Abigail Susik

Jason “Sly” Sylvester

Bert Teretzky

Micaela Tobin

Rena Tom

V. Vale

Zach Von Joo


Robin Walz

Peter Whitehead

Jason Wilson

Claude Winterberg

Shalaco Wordsmith

Fredrick Young

Irene Zhou




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